News of a site and firm - Accounting in banks of Russia

News of a site and firm - Accounting in banks of Russia

26 jan 2007 As is known, transition to a method of charges which has declared Bank of Russia causes serious changes in the Bank plan of accounts. Firm informs all counterparts and readers on intention to publish 11-th ed of the book " the Bank plan of accounts " in the first half-year of current year.

24 jan 2007 On January, 24th in the Kremlin has passed the FORUM on IFRS. The forum has been organized B2B Media, FBK, " IFRS: practice of application ", magazine " Financial director " and others. Parftnov Kirill participated in work of a forum.

20 jan 2007 Stress-testing in banks. The theme of the program the Capital which will pass on the channel of RBC-TV on January, 22nd, 2007 at 16-35 with Kirill Parfenov's participation is those.

17 jan 2007 The program "Capital" on the channel of RBC-TV which leaves in an ether 18.01.2007 at 16-35 is devoted to a question on " superfluous banks ". We thank edition of the program for the given opportunity to state the point of view as to the expert to the vice-president of Board of bank " Legion " Parfenov

17 jan 2007 The newspaper of the Vedomosti 17.01.2007 has published clause " the Central Bank will help banks to name real rates ". In clause the question under the document of Bank of Russia # 1759-U regarding the instruction of the effective bank rate in credit contracts is considered. We thank the newspaper for use of opinion of the vice-president of board of bank " Legion " of Kirill Parfenov in the given material.

11 jan 2007 Plenum of the Supreme Court of Russia has born the decision from 28.12.2006 ? 64 in which recommendations for judges of criminal legal proceedings on application of positions of the Criminal code are stated, concerning the responsibility for tax crimes.

25 dec 2006 Firm, considering importance of counteraction of legalization of incomes (FATF), and aspiring to make to pleasant our clients declares the new price for our book on this theme.

25 dec 2006 News of partners. Jury Kara's film of "Korolev" is finished by manufacture and by way of prepremier display has been shown to interested persons.

20 dec 2006 On December, 19th, 2006 the next session of National bank advice took place. Advice considered some the important questions. We were interested only by one.

04 dec 2006 Percent in a view of clause 40 of the Tax code. Percent under loans for the purposes of the taxation of profit of the organizations cannot be considered as incomes (charges) of realization of services

25 nov 2006 On a site the heading "Basel" is opened. In this heading documents and the information on work of committee on banks will be located.

09/nov/2006 The department external and public relations of Bank of Russia informs, that in connection with the acted requests from bank community Bank of Russia the decision on carry of term of commissioning of the Instruction of Bank of Russia " About modification in Position of Bank of Russia from 05.12.2002 ? 205-P " About rules of conducting book keeping in the credit organizations located in territory of the Russian Federation " (further the project of the Instruction), establishing for the credit organizations the order of book keeping of incomes and charges on a method of "charges" for January, 1st, 2008 is accepted

01/okt/2006 The Bank of Russia has prepared changes in the document " About issue of bank cards and about the operations made with use of payment cards " # 266-P.

14 09 2006 Assembly of board of Club of bank bookkeepers. The open assembly takes place on September, 21st at 19 o'clock in bank Legion (station of the underground " Park of culture " Dashkov .). The assembly is devoted to questions of changes of rules of conducting book keeping.

26 june 06 The Bank of Russia has explained the position on registration of operations on exchange to Federal tax service, and the service has explained to all banks.

27 may 06 Publishing group "" declares signing in a press of 10-th edition of the collection " the Bank plan of accounts ". Simultaneously appears about the organization of the traditional quiz, devoted to Bank book keeping. The quiz will be started within the next few days. Watch our news.

05 may 06 The club of bank bookkeepers invites to a meeting on May, 25th, 2006 Assembly of participants is spent as free conversation. A place of a meeting - bank Legion Are invited all wishing to talk.

24 april 06 The maximum arbitration court of the Russian Federation has distributed the letter on questions at issue of the Uniform Social Tax.

20 april 06 During a credit and financial exhibition " KreditEXPO 2006 " on April, 21st will pass a seminar " IT-decisions for preparation of internal normative base of the credit organization " with participation of the President of Club of bank bookkeepers of Parfenov K.G.

11 april 06 New position of Bank of Russia is registered by the Ministry of Justice from 20.03.2006 N 283-P " About the ORDER of FORMATION by the CREDIT ORGANIZATIONS of RESERVES ON POSSIBLE LOSSES ". The given position will replace current # 232-P.

27/03/06 The bank of Russia has declared, that on Board of directors the decision on a cancelling of obligatory sale of currency on March, 27th is accepted. As a whole this decision is clear, since already now sale of currency decently exceeds its obligatory specification. Besides it is declared decrease twice since May, 1st, 2006 of specifications of reservation of means at realization of currency transactions.

01/03/06 Since March, 1st the book division of firm restores delivery of the books ordered in the Internet-shop of firm, a cash on delivery.

27/02/06 The ORDER of MINISTRY ZDRAVOOHRANIENIJA and SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT of Russia from January, 31st, 2006 # 55 " About the statement of the Order of acknowledgement of the basic kind of economic activities of the insurant on obligatory social insurance from accidents on manufacture and occupational diseases - the legal person, and also kinds of economic activities of divisions of the insurant, being independent classification units ".

21/02/06 The bank of Russia on Board of directors has approved changes in the instruction adjusting the forms and the order of granting of the reporting to a regulator.

13/02/06 With a holiday! On February, 13th, 1498 Historians testify, that this day in the official document the word "bookkeeper" for the first time has been used. Emperor of Sacred Roman empire Maximilian I has signed the decree in which there were such words: " It is ruled the clerk of our chamber entrusted and diligent who conducts books, henceforth to name the bookkeeper ".

03/02/06 Magazine " Bank review " (? 2-2006) has published clause " On bank yeast " in which the opinion of the president of Club of bank bookkeepers of Parfenov K.G. concerning dynamics of the market of auditor services is resulted.

26/01/06 How correctly to count reserves on losses under factoring operations. The answer to this question has given in the letter in our address Bank of Russia.

21/12/05 " The club of bank bookkeepers " has awarded the Russian students who have shown good results in studying of book keeping - winners of the premium of Parfenov K.G.

15/12/05 The Ministry of Finance RF he address letter from 02.12.2005 # 03-03-04/2/128 has explained, that banks carry payment for audit on IAS on the charges reducing the profit tax.

22/10/05 About application of the tax to the added cost concerning services of banks.

20/10/05 The next simplification for tax state bodies. The State Duma of Russia has approved in the second reading the bill of extrajudicial collecting tax payments.

30/06/05 New information on cards at a forum of a site in a theme of the account of plastic cards

30/06/05 Duma on June, 29th has accepted in the third reading a bill About modification in clause 859 of a part of the Russian Federation second the Civil code (concerning cancellation of the contract of the bank account). Obviously, that this useless action. However, we shall read through the text of item 11 added in clause 859.

Obviously, that this useless action. However, we shall read through the text of item 11 added in clause 859.

11. If other is not stipulated by the contract, at absence within two years of money resources on the account of the client and operations under this account the bank has the right to refuse execution of the contract of the bank account, having warned in writing about it of the client. The contract of the bank account is considered cancellation after two months from the date of a direction bank of such prevention if on the account of the client during this term money resources have not acted.

30/06/05 Attention of employees of divisions of automation and the bookkeepers leading the tax on private persons. For you a gift - a confused explanation from the Ministry of Finance.

29/06/05 On June, 29/06/05 29th, 2005 there was " a Bulletin of Bank of Russia " ? 32 (830) in which the Instruction of Bank of Russia from 25.05.2005 years " About modification in the Instruction of Bank of Russia from January, 16th, 2004 ? 1376-o " About the list is published, forms and the order of drawing up and representation of forms of the reporting of the credit organizations in the Central bank of the Russian Federation " ? 1579-U.

27/06/05 Limiting size of percent under the contract of the loan, recognized by the charge for the purposes of the taxation, is equal to the rate of refinancing of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation acted on date of write-off of percent increased in 1,1 time, instead of for date of the conclusion of the credit contract. The decision of Federal Arbitration court of Northwest district from 29.04.2005 N A66-9951/2004

On June, 20/06/05 17-18th the practical seminar took place in Novosibirsk "Legal aspects and questions of book keeping of operations with plastic cards. New products in payment system "Gold Crown" ".

Parfenov K.G. asked to send the regards and words of gratitude to all participants of a seminar for long-suffering and an active position.

15/06/05 we Apologize, that have not included the information in news of a site, but only in publishing section. As the separate kind is allocated the complete set of publishing house The complete set includes 6 books: the Account of property in banks, Operations of banks with bills, IFRS, the Bank account (4 ed.), the Tax account, the Bank plan of accounts (9 ed.). To get the complete set it is possible the Internet-shop of firm. The price of the complete set 450 rbl.

09/06/05 explanations of Bank of Russia on application of position ? 266-A and 1571-o Are approved. Within day they will be sent to participants of Club. The others can familiarize with them on page of News of Club.

07/06/05 open assembly " Club of bank bookkeepers " Took place.

Interview to A.A.Kozlov on 14 International Bank Congress in Petersburg will be published in magazine " Accounts department and banks "

06/06/05 Carrying out of a seminar on plastic cards in Novosibirsk on June, 17-18th, 2005 Is planned by " the Gold crown ".

05/06/05 14 bank congress in Peter Has ended. There were many interesting meetings and conversations. We shall shine in more detail results of the congress with parts and a little later.

04/06/05 In MAMI have started to sum up study including for rewarding by nominal grants on accounting Parfenova K.G.

04/06/05 Central Banks of the Russian Federation were published on the site with translation of press release Bazelskogo of committee on bank supervision.

30/05/05 POSITION of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation from 19.04.2005 N 268-I " About the ORDER And CRITERIA of the ESTIMATION of the FINANCIAL POSITION of PHYSICAL PERSONS - FOUNDERS (PARTICIPANTS) of the CREDIT ORGANIZATION " is registered in the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation 24.05.2005 N 6624.

29/05/05 the prize-winning competition, 9-th editions of the book devoted to an output the Bank plan of accounts Has come to the end. Results of competition.

28/05/05 On behalf of all progressive public, firm, Club and personally... We thank for the sent congratulations in occasion of Parfenova K.G.'s Birthday

On May, 26/05/05 26th, 2005 Federal antimonopoly service and the Central bank of the Russian Federation from afar joint recommendations to the credit organizations under standards of disclosing of the information by granting consumer credits.

26/05/05 In connection with the 10 anniversary of the book " Book keeping in banks " Parfenova K.G. on June, 7th is planned carrying out of action within the limits of Club which will pass in educational center to the address of Moscow, Krzhizhanovskogo, d. 7, barks. 2 from 18 o'clock till 20 o'clock. Address invitations are dispatched.

Arrival of different interesting people is planned For action. Besides on this action it is planned and to hand over prizes to winners of last quiz which comes to an end tomorrow in the evening (on May, 27th). Interested persons are invited all. Simultaneously, for the organization of the miss, the request to inform on the arrival not later on June, 3rd by e-mail office (a)

26/05/05 On preliminary data participants of a quiz on have shown greater activity. 20 person who has correctly answered already more, but a quiz still proceeds. Among correctly answered the computer also will choose 5 winners. Correctly answered firm is ready to give other 50 % the discount for the book the Bank plan of accounts.

25/05/05 Day for Moscow has stood out... Cheerful. Pleases coolness of the Central Bank which has not reacted in any way to problems of payments. Certainly, the information under the prices on investmonety on its site where is more important than that podvisal MTSI. We shall be nadkjatsja, that the reserve center will cope with loading though to banks at which the electricity has been disconnected and there was no opportunity to transfer elektronno files (and they should also be made at an independent feed) from it, think, not easier.

23/05/05 On a site of Bank of Russia the project of the Instruction of Bank of Russia " About the obligatory specification of the maximal size of credit risk on group of economically connected borrowers " is published

17/05/05 Seminar - the Organization of work of bank with payment cards on May, 23-27/05/05.23rd (1-st day) 1. Peristenko O.V. - the head of department of retail payments of department of payment systems and calculations of Bank of Russia " Position of Bank of Russia 266-I from 24.12.2004 " 2. Parfenov K.G. - the deputy Chairman of Board of bank " Legion ", President NP " Club of bank bookkeepers " " Book keeping of operations with payment cards in view of the Instruction of Bank of Russia 1571-O from 11.04.2005 "

17/05/05 In connection with an output of the ninth edition of the book " the Bank plan of accounts " appears prize-winning competition. Competition is organized by firm at information support of partners. In competition 5 books are played. " The bank plan of accounts 9 edition ".

16/05/05 New information on cards at a forum of our site in a theme about Position 266-I.

15/05/05 Clubs Opened assembly take place on June, 7th, 2005

13/05/05 State Duma has approved in the third, final reading the amendment in 25-th chapter of the Tax code. The purpose of changes - to pull together the accounting and tax account, and also to simplify the account of objects of the taxation. The law is directed on consideration to Council of Federation.

11/05/05 Since May, 16th cost prices for the book " the Bank plan of accounts " and the complete set of the bookkeeper vary.

06/05/05 Anans May number of magazine " Accounts department and banks "

05/05/05 Instruction of the Central Bank 70-O/pisbmo the Ministry of Finance about regulation RVPS at transition with 62a on 254-I with a view of the taxation.

04/05/05 position of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation is transferred To registration in the Ministry of Justice from 19.04.2005 N 268-I " About the order and criteria of an estimation of a financial position of physical persons - founders (participants) of the credit organization "

30/04/05 the New message on bank cards (to 1571) is published at a forum of a site in a theme of discussion 266-I.

28/04/05 Definition of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation from January, 18th, 2005 N 36-I about application of norms of item 113 NK (limitation period) by inquiry JUKOSa.

V.V.Putin has signed the law on ratification of the Agreement between the governments of Russia and Lithuania about avoidance of the double taxation and prevention of evasion from payment of taxes concerning taxes to incomes and the capital.

The Announcement of April number of magazine " ACCOUNTS DEPARTMENT And BANKS "

About Methodical recommendations on carrying out of check and an estimation of the organization of the internal control over the credit organizations

27/04/05 Well here also have waited. In 21 Bulletin BR the instruction 1571-O about modification in 205-I on cards is published. Consider days.

Except for that are published - the Letter of Bank of Russia from 18.04.2005 ? 62-O " About calculations by promissory notes at purchase of habitation ";

The Order of Bank of Russia from 20.04.2005 ? IA-263 " About correction factors of Bank of Russia ";

The Letter of Bank of Russia from 20.04.2005 ? 63-O " About inclusion of securities in the Pawn list of Bank of Russia ";

The Letter of Bank of Russia from 20.04.2005 ? 64-O " About registration in S.W.I.F.T. The credit organizations ".

And still I shall try to lay out a method tomorrow. Instructions on the procedure for test of work of the internal control over banks.


FEDERAL ARBITRATION COURT of NORTHWEST DISTRICT. The DECISION. From February, 15th, 2005 Business N A56-14212/04 About creation for the purposes of the taxation of reserves on possible losses under loans (still on 62a). It is taken from a server Cadiz.

22/04/05 Instruction on modification in 205-I in connection with an output of new position about issue platikovyh cards 266-I about which project we already told at last has left at number 1571-O.

22/04/05 KMSFO has made the amendment to positions about the account of hedging in MSFO 39

21/04/05 Payment to the employee of bank of a foreign currency for the reimbursement, connected with a direction of the worker in foreign business trips, currency transaction is not. Such charges are not listed regarding 1 clause 9 of the law about currency regulation from December, 10th, 2003 ? 173-OC. On it has informed the Central Bank in the letter from March, 22nd, 2005 ? 36-3/526.

20/04/05 All of us time it is not had time. Nevertheless competition in connection with the edition of the book the Bank plan of accounts (izd. 9) will pass in the near future. And hardly will pass competition in connection with the edition of the book the Tax account in banks later.

19/04/05 Project of the instruction on modification in 205-I is published in dispatch of a site and with a small delay at a forum of a site.

18/04/05 Pair words about Strategy of development of bank sector up to 2008

15/04/05 In Rules of accounting of banks there are many out-of-date positions, it is a lot of and that is not stipulated though the life goes forward. The theme - Modification in Rules is offered for discussion.

14/04/05 Parfenov K.G. are spent on April, 15th after 15 hours with a round table on a theme the registration policy in bank within the limits of a seminar organized IPFS.

14/04/05 Announcement of 2-nd Moscow Bank Forum

13/04/05 On official site FNS of Russia the order from 04.04.2005 ? NAY-3-01/138 is published. This order approves forms on verification of calculations under taxes, gathering and payments, and also informing of tax bearers on a condition of calculations under taxes and tax collections. Besides methodical instructions on filling these forms are approved.

11/04/05 Under our information, the instruction on modification in 205-I (changes because of 266-I) is transferred to registration in the Ministry of Justice. Will come into force in 10 days from the moment of the publication. The project is dispatched to participants of Club, if someone from participants has not received - contact us. Success!

08/04/05 In connection with acting questions it is reminded, that everyone who participated in Parfenova K.G.'s seminars and is the constant customer of our books has the right to discounts. For this purpose the letter in which you specify at what seminar were present also an e-mail address which is specified at registration in shop is necessary napravt in our address. After that you will be included in the list of participants of Club and will receive discounts.

06/04/05 In the Central Bank the document on modification and additions in Position 205-I in connection with acceptance of Position 266-I urgently prepares.

04/04/05 Agency VEP announces 5-th interbank Internet-championship under the bank legislation.

04/04/05 Item 2 of item 60 of the Tax code of the Russian Federation orders to banks to not raise a payment only for realization of operations on transfer of the tax. Concerning peni and penalties of such clause it is not made. Accordingly such operations are made by banks for a payment.

Such point of view corresponds to the position of the Ministry of Finance stated in the letter from 25.02.2005 ? 03-02-07/2-19.

01/04/05 On acted to us from various external sources of the information the Bank of Russia plans to translate in 2006 conducting book keeping in banks on a method of charge.

For transition to a method of charge the Regulations about the order of a recognition of incomes and charges by banks on a method of charge, and from dejstvubshchih normative documents where instructions on the order of conducting the accounting contain will be prepared, connected with incomes and charges they will be cancelled (for example, 39-I). Simultaneously, most likely, accounts 7 of section of the chapter And schetnogo the plan will be reorganized.

31/03/05 Government has approved the bill offered by the Ministry of Finance according to which banks will cease to supervise correctness of conducting cash operations by the organizations and businessmen.

We Shall remind, that according to item 41 of the Order of conducting cash operations in territory of the Russian Federation banks are obliged to check observance by the enterprises of cash discipline regularly.

Minister of Finance A.L.Kudrin has explained, that earlier the State Duma has excluded from the Code about administrative offences clause about the responsibility of officials of banks for default of the given functions, and has suggested to assign them to tax bodies.

30/03/05 In the next Bulletin of Bank of Russia Position from 24.12.2004 ? 266-I " About issue of bank cards and about the operations made with use of payment cards " (inures after 10 days after day of its publication) is published. Comments I shall place a little later. The information at a forum

About the project of this Position with a technique of conducting book keeping the material in 3 number of magazine " Calculations and operational work in commercial bank " - clause Kuznetsova of V.A.Shamraeva A.V has been published. And Parfenova K.G. " the Comment to new Position of Bank of Russia: separate questions of book keeping of operations with use of bank cards ".

Besides are published the Instruction from 25.02.2005 ? 1557-O " About carrying out of lumpsum inspection of translations of money resources on behalf of physical persons without opening bank accounts for the second quarter 2005 " (inures since April, 1st, 2005) and

The Instruction from 01.03.2005 ? 1560-O " About a recognition become invalid for the Instruction of Bank of Russia from July, 6th, 2004 ? 1471-O " About features of deposition of obligatory reserves the credit organizations in Bank of Russia in connection with coming into force of Position of Bank of Russia from March, 29th, 2004 ? 255-I " About obligatory reserves of the credit organizations " (inures after 10 days after day of its publication).

29/03/05 Bank of Russia on the site has published the Technique (algorithms) of calculation of parameters of financial stability of bank.

At the decision of a question on unconscientiousness of the tax bearer it is necessary to consider all the facts of the transaction. To such conclusion the Presidium of the Maximum Arbitration court of the Russian Federation in the decision from 08.02.2005 ? 10423/04 has come.

26/03/05 In ? 1 magazine RS-Club discussion behind a round table of work of a subsystem " the Financial reporting ", entered in ABS RS-Bank v. 5.0 is published

24/03/05 Work of a forum is completely restored. Write, communicate.

22/03/05 In communication in attacks to a server the forum has been cracked. We shall try to restore it, however some records will be gone. Access on the Forum will be toughened.

Parfenov K.G.'s 19/03/05 Interviews for firm R-Style concerning MSFO are published in magazine " Accounts department and banks " ? 3 - 2005 and magazine RS-Club ? 1-2005.

16/03/05 Bank of Russia has let out the instruction ? 1549-O about modification in 110 instruction (basically about cancelling N-5).

The New offer on carrying out of Round tables from our firm. Parfenov K.G. is ready to take part in actions on a videochat or in internet-videoconferences.

15/03/05 Information and questions under the anniversary edition of the book " Accounting in Russia banks: Professional Handbook "

14/03/05 Comment to the instruction of Bank of Russia 35-O in the newspaper of "Sheets"

" ON MSFO (IFRS) And GAAP (US GAAP) - SPRING SESSION " which takes place in London from April, 24th till May, 1st, 2005 invites PRACTICAL ASPECTS of TRANSITION To the program of a specialized seminar the organizer - British company Leadings Ventures Associates (the organization of corporate programs, the international forums and business of the summits with 1994 (

10/03/05 In connection with that this year for "" anniversary special single discounts in 25 % on books " the Bank plan of accounts " (9 appear.) and " Accounting in Russia banks: Professional Handbook " (4 ed.) for Trado bank and Niki Osadchej.

09/03/05 fkd-eiinaeo will organize a seminar on a theme " the Reporting on IFRS " Dvojnishnikova V.V.

08/03/05 Letter of Bank on the published reporting for 2004

The Offer which has acted from bank employees is accepted. Two books in the complete set " the Bank plan of accounts " and " the Tax account " are united in separate lot which 320 rbl. the Complete set costs is brought in the form of separate unit in the Internet-shop of firm.

06/03/05 The firm " " declares issue of the ninth edition of the book " the Bank plan of accounts " Parfyonov K.G. Changes which are brought by Bank of Russia in Position # 205-p are included in the book, including the instruction ? 1531-u .

In current to year the firm already has let out the book " the Tax account in banks " and plans, in communication in 10-years anniversary to publish again separate anniversary circulation of the monography " Accounting in Russia banks: Professional Handbook ".

It is planned, that copies of anniversary circulation will be nominal. The edition will be issued in firm reliure. "" starts reception of applications for the anniversary edition of the book office (a)

02/03/05 In connection with that 9-th edition of the book the Bank plan of accounts only has acted from a printing house, shipment of the ordered books will be carried out after 08.03.2005

28/02/05 Results of prize-winning competition. The list of winners and the list of prize-winners.

27/02/05 So, prize-winning competition comes to the end. Its results will be brought tomorrow and right after it are published. It is preliminary possible to tell only, that last two questions have appeared the most complex though on a site and the answer has been given on them.

In connection with that competition is devoted including and to the 10 anniversary of the book " Accounting in Russia banks: Professional Handbook " the decision to encourage the participants correctly answered questions by 1-5 granting of the discount for purchase of the specified book is accepted. For them the price of the book will make 80 rbl. of the Application it is possible to send on the address of mail office (a)

22/02/05 For the beginning - many thanks to all participants of a seminar in Novosibirsk.

Well and from news - a new explanation of Bank of Russia under the instruction ? 1530-O.

19/02/05 As we also promised the book - the practical grant for employees of bank - the Tax account in Bukir M.J.'s banks has gone on sale. To buy it it is possible in our bookshop.

16/02/05 On an explanation (papers are not present) Bank of Russia paid days on a hospital leaf concern in the credit organizations on a symbol 29106.

15/02/05 New consultation of Bank of Russia on application of the instruction 1530-O.

14/02/05 With a view of rendering the methodical help to the Russian credit organizations on the organization of procedures of the internal control of counteraction of legalization, development of attitudes with banks of the USA and avoidance of a situation of the unilateral termination of correspondent attitudes with the Russian credit organizations the Bank of Russia recommends the Russian credit organizations to consider requirements of adjusting bodies of the USA at the organization of the internal control.

13/02/05 In connection with the 10 anniversary of the book on book keeping in Parfenova K.G.'s banks and an output of 4-th edition prize-winning competition appears. Competition begins on February, 14th and will be prolonged on February, 27th. Success.

08/02/05 carrying out of a seminar from 18-30 till is planned For February, 28th on not clear questions of application with developers of the instruction 1530-O. The seminar is spent by firm FkD-konsalt. Record by phones and e-mail.

03/02/05 Output of new position 266-I on bank cards not far off. After its output problems with which it is necessary to collide to bookkeepers at conducting the account of the given operations already are now visible. We invite to discussion of a theme in a forum.

01/02/05 Bank of Russia has decided to refuse system of specifications, looking on which the Central Bank defines a financial position of banks. In the near future the Central Bank will prepare the project cancelling the specification of general liquidity 5. Such opinion at the fourth session of the Russian economic and financial forum in Switzerland was informed by the first vice-president of Bank of Russia Andrey Kozlov./

On the preliminary data carrying out of a seminar under the bank account in Novosibirsk on February, 22, 2005 with Parfenov K.G.'s participation is planned

26/01/05 NA "The Federal accounting newspaper " informs, that the Ministry of Finance " the Registration policy of the organization ", accounting standart (AS) 2/94 " plans to reconsider AS 1/98 the Account of contracts (contracts) on capital construction ", AS 4/99 " the Accounting reporting of the organization ", AS 11/2000 " the Information about persons ", AS 12/2000 " the Information on segments " and AS 14/2000 " the Account of non-material actives ". Besides the ministry assumes to develop eight more new positions. The chief of a department of department of regulation of the state control, auditor activity and accounting of the Ministry of Finance informed about it Alexander Bakayev.

The Bank of Russia means also will make change in 205-. To tell the truth, usually it occurs to a long delay.

23/01/05 By way of informing - Letter Federal tax service on execution of old documents Code of budgetary classification (CBC).

18/01/05 Instruction of Bank of Russia 2- from 17.01.05

12/01/05 Draft copy of a material about the annual report of banks.

11/01/05 Actions (Share of participations and shares) which are received by physical persons by reorganization of the organization, will not admit the income assessed Surtax. Corresponding amendments are brought in chapter 23 of the Tax code the Federal law 212-, the signed President of the Russian Federation on December, 30. The given position is distributed to the attitudes which have arisen since January, 1, 2004.

It agrees the law, since January, 1, 2005 the material benefit received at operations with credit cards during the interest-free period, does not admit as the income of the tax bearer.

11/01/05 the Come year is in own way anniversary. In 1995 the first edition of the book the Bank account (Operational technics and the account in bank) Parfyonov K.G has left. In connection with the 10-anniversary of this book firm plans various actions. Join. Offers are welcomed, congratulations, well and remarks, are accepted.

10/01/05 has absolutely forgotten. That who yet does not know. In CBC the first figures mean the addressee. Tax service - a code 182 and all CBC under taxes have number beginning with 182.

02/01/05 Happy New Year. Thanks all for congratulations. From news - has passed updating at a forum on questions of application of the instruction 1530.

The collection "Bank plan of accounts " (ed. is prepared for the edition. 9). We have started to accept applications for his purchase by e-mail firm (a)

29/12/04 Pleasure while only one. Extract central clearing center for 31.12 can be received in the afternoon on January, 2, 2005. It seems and 4 - too.

The instruction 1530 causes many questions. Some answers I bring here. Answers are added 31.12.2004

23/12/04 About carrying out of the next assembly of Club of bank bookkeepers.

20/12/04 Bank of Russia has published for discussion the project of new edition of Position 199-.

18/12/04 Ministry of Finance is issued the order 106 about the order of filling of fields of settlement documents since January, 1, 2005.

17/12/04 State Duma has approved in the second reading the bill of the consolidated financial reporting

14/12/04 carrying out of the next session of Club of bank bookkeepers at 18-30 is planned For December, 22. Among themes - discussion of projects of new Position 23- and instructions 28 on opening accounts. Wishing to take part we ask to inform by e-mail.

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